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The periodic table of hops

In our NEIPAs we love to try and (h)optimize the flavor, using old favorites as well as novel fruit-forward hops. We usually use a little bitter hops during the boil and pack heaps of hops in the whirpool. We dry hop extensively at different stages for that layered fruitiness throughout your beer experience

In our stouts we work with different toasted malts to balance coffee, chocholate, and licorice flavors. These flavors are fully developed with adjuncts during the boil, and mostly after primary fermentation.
We love to hear your feedback and continue to improve and create different excellent tasting beers with you!

In all our beer styles we bring you a full-bodied flavor through a carefully selected mashing scheme and using protein-rich grain flakes (oats, wheat, barley) alongside different malts.


Am = Amarillo
Bc = Bambling cross
Ca = Cascade
Ch = Chinook
Ci = Citra
Co = Columbus
De = Denali
El = El Dorado
Ga = Galaxy
Ma = Magnum
Mb = Mandarina Bavaria
Mo = Mosaic
Si = Simcoe
Ze = Zeus

Boil adjuncts and infusion additives

Al = Allspice
Cc = Cacao Nibs
Cl = Cloves
Cs = Cherries
Cm = Cinnamon
Co = Coconut
Cf = Coffee
Gi = Ginger
Mm = Marshmallows
Nu = Nutmeg
Oa = Oak
Pe = Peanuts
To = Tonka
Va = Vanilla


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