Chemical Brewers

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Meet the Chemical Brewers

Wouter & Fedor met during their Chemistry studies in Leiden in 1996, and have been friends ever since, still living in Leiden. Big beers and how to brew them have been of interest for a long time. Early 2020, Fedor & Wouter finally started experimenting with home brewing with the aim to brew great beers by continued research, testing & improvements. Late 2022 we started to brew our first beers at larger scale through contract brewing: Se, a fruity session IPA, and Au, a tonka-vanilla-cacao Russian imperial stout. In 2023 we introduced our double-dry hopped IPA, Li and our peanut-marshmallow stout, Y. What would you like to see in 2024?

How we brew excellent beers

  • Carefully testing and selecting recipes and ingredients
  • Hops, hops & hops
  • Balanced adjunts
  • Brewing as natural as possible
  • Transparency
  • Continued experimentation
  • Wisdom of our fans - let us know your thoughts!


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